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The following information relates to all Montana VEBA HRA plans.

Your VEBA account is opened when your employer sends funds to the VEBA Plan Administrator. After your account is opened, you will be mailed a welcome letter confirming the contribution and your new Montana VEBA HRA account number, plus a Claim Form, Systematic Reimbursement Form, Account Information/Fund Allocation Change Form, and a Plan Summary. Upon receipt of the packet, you may submit a VEBA Medical Claim Form for you, your spouse or tax-qualified dependents for the following:

  • Medical,
  • Dental, or
  • Vision expenses
  • Premiums for Medical, Dental, Vision, Long Term Care Insurance, Medicare Part B or Medicare Supplement Insurance

For a complete list of Qualified Expenses, click here.

You may file claims for qualified expenses any time after becoming claims eligible.  Claims eligible means, you have separated from service, filled out a VEBA HRA Enrollment Form and your leave balances have been transferred into an account.  Claims and benefit payments are processed based on date received at our third-party administrator, (TPA) A.W. Rehn, can answer any questions you have regarding timely payment of claims or reimbursement of premium expenses.  You may choose direct deposit or you may have your reimbursement mailed to you in the form of a paper check.  

You may fill out a Systematic Premium Reimbursement form in order to have monthly reimbursement of your premium payments made directly to you. You must provide documentation of your monthly premium amount to Rehn & Associates.  That may be obtained from your medical insurance carrier.

NOTE: Reimbursable health related benefits must be for expenses incurred after your account is first opened. Withdrawals from your VEBA account may be made only for medical, dental or vision expenses/premiums or for tax-qualified long term care insurance premiums for you, your spouse or for tax-qualified dependents (IRS Publication 501.)

The Montana VEBA HRA Plan Administrator (A.W. Rehn & Assoc.) will provide you with semi-annual statements, ending 6/30 and 12/31 of the plan year that provide detail of your account. This statement will be mailed to your home address. If you have any questions about your VEBA account, you may call A.W. Rehn & Associates or click here to access your account.

Participant accounts will be charged a percentage of asset fee based on the value of the account.  Those fees will be listed on your statement from Rehn & Associates.  Currently the fee is calculated as 1.5% of your asset balanced on an annualized basis.  So for example, an account with a $10,000 balance would have a monthly fee of $12.50.  If the account were untouched for 1 year, the member would accumulate approximately $150.00 in annual fees.  Most members immediately begin accessing the accounts and the ongoing fee is based on the ever decreasing balance. 

Your benefits/payroll staff handles processing of your Membership Enrollment Form(s). The appropriate VEBA Enrollment Forms(s) should be completed and delivered to your benefits/payroll staff prior to your leaving employment if your group's eligibility is based on separation or retirement. Click here for the enrollment form.